Catriona aka “Kitty” Savage


● Event planning and execution
● Artist, Media & Community Relations
● Teaching-Level Proficiency with Microsoft & Apple software
● Online Social Networking: WordPress (blogging), Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
● Photography, Videography, and Audio Recording
○ Photoshop proficiency
○ iMovie, FinalCut
○ Garageband, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reason and live sound monitoring
● Sales
● Research, writing
● Business planning

Dreamland, Graphic Designer & Street Promoter
Seasonal – September 2012- January 2013 & April-July 2013
Creating all promo graphics for 11×14 posters of visiting artists
Strategizing street promotion route & executing promotions
Assisting venue owner with venue position descriptions and duties

Seaworthy Gallery, sales and marketing
Seasonal – September 2012- December 2012
Engaging visitors, fulfilling sales with clients
Developing avenues of promotion-
Placing works and promo materials in local hotels,
conceptualizing events for spring
scouting locations for a second gallery.
Merchandising prospects
Designing advertisements (“our best ever!” says the boss)
Created a 16 month automated calendar of marketing events with all amending documents so that the small company can stay on track with a marketing plan I created, to be used in multiple locations., President
Boston, MA — October 2011-present
Writing 150+ articles personally, attracting guest bloggers, making affiliations with radio stations and industry professionals, in an effort to promote funk music news through guerilla tactics and public relations.
● Increased readership by 87% in the first week of taking over the project by breaking a story and interviewing Bootsy Collins.
● Readership support includes the upper echelon of major artists like Bootsy Collins, members of P-Funk, Al Green, Earth, Wind & Fire, Brides of Funkenstein, The Bar-Kays, and more modern artists like Lettuce and Amy Winehouse’s tribe, as well as record label presidents, famous producers, etc,.
● Only press videographer permitted at George Clinton’s honorary doctorate ceremony at Berklee College in February 2012
Pure Savage Entertainment, President Asheville, NC/Boston, MA/NYC — 2007-Present Marketing, event planning and execution, music career consultation, booking, publicity, networking, media artistry (photo/video/audio/graphic/web design). Working with individual musical artists since 1996, visual artists since 2004, though PSE was officially established in 2007 to service versatile music industry and marketing needs.
● Having a bevvy of happy clients in both music and business who have used my services to improve their image, reach, and planning for success. I continue to be a consultant for many clients after the period of more involved planning. Most recent active clients include The Brides of Funkenstein, Jtronius, and The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown.
● Revived a hip hop scene in Asheville, which continues to thrive through my consulting to the artists, Geniass Productions and other Asheville venues.
● My Pure Savage Entertainment events have ranged from art shows in museums, to community drum circles (3+yrs), concerts and writing circles. PSE has also been hired by several start-up retail businesses to form marketing strategies.

OTHER relevant places I’ve worked over the years include:
Geniass Productions (publicity, graphic design, online & street promotions)
Apple Retail (top rated software tutor),
RadioDisney (promoter, artist & sound engineer),
Headcount (Employee of the Month for registering the most voters),
Dream Guitars (2nd best online acoustic shop in USA; 150k+ views on videos I made of Grammy winning, finger-picking guitarist Al Petteway),
Axcess Talent (consulting with musical artists’ on career development; now consulting for the CEO on business development),
House of Blues (serving alcohol), general hospitality
Emerson College (Production suite asst., Technical Director’s asst., Wax on Felt Records)


Emerson College
Master’s Degree in Global Marketing Communications & Advertising — 2011-2013; Candidate for degree (Internship will be completed by the end of June 2013)

Encore Scholarship recipient; Working in a cohort, intensive program, our international group of students collaborated on countless projects for existing brands and prospective opportunities. I am currently enrolled and have an internship left to do.

Emerson College
Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts; Major in Audio/Radio Production, Minor in Entrepreneurship
I won 2nd Place in Emerson’s 2007 Business Plan Competition on Entrepreneurial Day (created by Mayor Menino for us, respectively), for a music venue meant for Asheville, NC. I later went to Asheville and helped sell out hundreds of concerts as Geniass Productions’ online & street promoter, graphic designer, and publicist; the success of which helped the company to open two venues downtown.

Rosa Fox-Ogg, Emerson alum & production partner, came to many of the art events, and now a marketing client of mine for her retail operation in Newton, MA- 1 (617) 319-6816

Sam Katz, Vice President, Geniass Productions, and owner of Asheville Music Hall & OneStop Deli in Asheville NC. (617) 501- 1983


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